HDFS Doctoral Program professional opportunities

Professional opportunities

HDFS Doctoral Degree Program

Working with students' graduate committee

Each graduate student benefits from the individualized guidance of faculty members. Graduate students select the faculty members who will serve on their graduate committee. Course work and research are tailored to students' interests. HDFS Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty may be selected, depending on students' major areas of study and minor areas (if any).

Learning to teach undergraduates

Most PhD students in Human Development and Family Sciences teach at some point during their graduate study. The Department has a systematic program for preparing and mentoring graduate students who teach. There are opportunities for doctoral students to teach smaller classes in the summer, and to serve as instructors for lecture and on-line classes during the regular academic year.

Gaining skills in application of research

Students gain practical professional skills in proposal development, principles of intervention, family policy, and applied evaluation.