Funding for graduate study

Funding for graduate study

HDFS Doctoral Degree Program

Estimated costs

The HDFS Doctoral program is a 108-credit program that can be completed within 4-5 years on a full-time credit load (except for summer).

The estimated costs for the program are broken down as follows:

Resident costs for years 1-3

$15,795 per year

Resident Tuition ($13,446)
+ Fees ($2,349)

Each additional year after 3

$6,832 per year

Resident Tuition ($4,482)
+ Fees ($2,349)

Non-resident costs for years 1-3

$31,698 per year

Non-resident Tuition ($29,349)
+ Fees ($2,349)

Each additional year after 3

$12,132 per year

Non-resident Tuition ($9,783)
+ Fees ($2,349)

Tuition and fees estimates were calculated using the 23-24 academic year tuition and fees tables in combination with the tuition calculator. Please note, tuition and fees can change for the 24-25 academic year.

Funding for graduate study: Inclusive and supportive

Most graduate students receive assistantships that include tuition remission and a monthly stipend. Additionally, many students win fellowships and awards.

Assistantship opportunities

  • Teaching Assistants work with faculty mentors to lecture, lead class activities, grade assignments, and manage record-keeping. Some Teaching Assistants work directly with children and undergraduate students in the Child Development Laboratory. Other teaching assistants, with supervision, have full responsibility for an undergraduate course.
  • Research Assistants collaborate with faculty to conduct innovative research.

  • Program Administration Assistants work as aides for specific undergraduate academic programs, such as internships and the OSU Program on Gerontology.

Human Development and Family Studies graduate students are highly successful in obtaining college, university-level, and other fellowships. For example, this coming year, more than $39,000 was awarded to HDFS graduate students from fellowships and scholarships.

Find out more about funding opportunities at Fellowships and Awards.