Operations Team

College of Public Health and Human Sciences

We oversee the infrastructure of our college on the Corvallis campus.

The CPHHS Operations Team oversees the infrastructure of the college on the Corvallis campus.

This includes phones, computers, office moves, office furniture, onboarding new employees, purchases, facility issues/repairs, custodial issues/repairs, surplus, recycling, space inventory, room scheduling, rental of activity spaces and much more.

If you have an issue or project, we will work to rectify the situation.

Debi Rothermund, Operations Manager, 541 737-3324, 7-DEBI
Kara Keenan, Operations Specialist / Scheduler, 541 737- 2686
Sonny Goodnature, Property Specialist, 541 737-3416 or 541 737-3266

Debi and Kara are located in 123 Women's Building

Sonny is located in either Langton 014 or Women’s Building 7i Equipment rooms.


Please review the following before your visit:

  • You must have permission from your supervisor and cc Debi Rothermund.
  • A building key will be required to enter the building.
  • Please comply with OSU’s physical distancing policy and mask policy while on campus.
  • Use caution in the building, use the stay to your right concept and only enter and exit at the appropriate doors.
  • Have your OSU ID with you; you may be asked for it.

ABM, our custodial unit is going around to every room and putting up blue tape over doors. What they are trying to do is figure out what spaces are being utilized on a regular basis. That way they can service those spaces and not waste time checking spaces that aren’t utilized.

If you are accessing spaces on a regular basis, just take down the tape. They can then service this room as needed.

If you access your room on a very limited basis such as a visit to pick up items, just put the tape back over the door.

You may also find out that they are limiting garbage cans in large spaces and putting in one large can.  They may do this in labs, so tuck away your can if you want to use it from desk to desk, then empty it in the large can, or else it may not get emptied.

Please remember that when you are in an OSU building that you need to wear and mask and the rule is, stay to your right when traveling through hallways.  Always make sure you are entering and exiting through the appropriate doors.  All doors are marked.

If you have any questions, let me know,