Concur Travel and Expense Reimbursements

Concur Travel and Expense

College of Health

All travel and non-travel employee reimbursements are processed through Concur.

Direct login

Before using Concur

Before using Concur Travel and Expense for the first time, you should update your profile by clicking the “Profile” link in the top right corner of the page after logging in.

For a guide on filling out your profile please see the User Profile Setup process document (pdf)

Concur training and support

The following is available in the Travel and Expense training library.

One-on-one help

The Travel and Expense Office is offering one-on-one help with their Travel & Expense accountants. You can find details and schedule an appointment on their contact us page.

General questions

For general questions regarding Concur Travel and Expense please feel free to contact the team via [email protected].

Credit cards

An OSU credit card is recommended as the booking and travel option with the least hassle for a traveler.

There are some expense types that are required to be direct billed or charged on an OSU credit card.

If you have any questions specifically about credit cards, please contact [email protected].

Email list

Please sign up to be on the Travel and Expense Office email list. This will be used as the office's main communication to campus for updates, announcements, and changes.

Additional resources for travelers

Concur Travel and Expense FAQ

Through your concur profile you can verify your email address, add your personal travel preferences, as well as update emergency contact information. An updated profile is critical and will really enhance your travel & expense experience.

OSU employees and students need to submit pre-trip requests for their OSU sponsored domestic and international travel through Concur, except for in-state travel.

As a reminder, the university's new travel management company is Corporate Travel Planners (CTP).

You are able to use the online booking tool in Concur or book directly with a dedicated agent.

An OSU credit card is the preferred payment method to book travel.

If you have questions about booking travel please don’t hesitate to contact our office at [email protected] or visit our website for CTP Contact Information.

The FIS Travel Policy has been updated and is available for review.

The Concur mobile app can be a key tool for a variety of users for both approving travel, submitting expense reports, as well as managing expenses while traveling.

Through the mobile app you can capture receipt images during your trip and they are sent automatically to your Concur profile.

Visit Concur’s mobile application toolkit to get started and learn how the app works on your chosen mobile device.

Anyone looking to participate and use one of our new Travel & Expense credit cards please feel free to review the required cardholder training.


Personal reimbursement

Personal reimbursements will be handled by individuals directly through Concur.

If you haven't already done so, complete your profile within Concur, scan a copy of your receipts, making sure to include each item's business purpose, and have your index handy before starting your request.

As stated in the OSU policy on Personal Reimbursements, personal reimbursements should be reserved for instances in which circumstances preclude the use of direct OSU purchasing methods and should generally be limited to small dollar purchases.

Please make every attempt to use conventional/direct purchasing methods to the fullest extent possible.

If you find that you have an unusual circumstance which you believe merits an exception to the policy, please contact [email protected] for guidance on how best to make that purchase.

Contact your school’s administrative assistant for indexes appropriate when requesting personal reimbursement of course related purchases such as textbooks and equipment for teaching.

Also see HSBS Finance and Accounting Forms


Driver authorization form

The driver authorization form is a mandatory requirement, to be completed prior to reserving your ride and renewed annually. The form should be scanned and emailed to the administrative assistant associated with your school as the authorizing signer.


Students are required to use Motor Pool vehicles for ground travel around Oregon to do work. Using a personal vehicle should be used only a last resort and requires pre-approval from their advisor.