Key Roles and Responsibilities of College of Health Leadership

Key Roles and Responsibilities of Leadership

College of Health

Updated Spring AY 2022-23

Below is a list of selected positions in the College of Health leadership and key responsibilities for those positions.

This list is not a comprehensive list of leadership roles or a comprehensive list of responsibilities and duties for any given position. Rather, the list highlights the primary responsibilities of each position, focusing on those key duties that distinguish the position from others.


  • Responsible for all college operations
  • Serves as the college’s representative to the university, donors, legislators and community stakeholders
  • Provides leadership and direction to the college administrative team

Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs

  • Oversees all academic programs; oversees college curriculum review and approval process
  • Responsible for academic program expansion, including new programs and joint degrees
  • Provides leadership, direction and administrative oversight related to graduate student matters (except graduate student research support)
  • Supports faculty development, promotion of faculty excellence, and P & T processes through college-level policies and initiatives; assists the dean with the P & T process at the college level; serves as a liaison between the college and other units (e.g., the provost’s office) on faculty related matters
  • Oversees and maintains college policies and procedures related to academic and faculty affairs

Associate Dean for Extension and Engagement

  • Facilitates integration among the research, teaching and community engagement activities of the college
  • Raises profile of outreach and engagement within the college, including representing these activities to stakeholder and constituent groups
  • Catalyzes local, regional and statewide partnerships focused on community-based solutions to public health and human development issues

Associate Dean for Research

  • Provides leadership, direction and administration of the college’s research agenda
  • Oversees the provision of administrative support to faculty for proposal preparation/submission and for post-award assistance and services; maintains databases and monitors all College of Health research activities, grant applications and awards
  • Designs and implements initiatives/workshops that promote faculty development and enhance the research productivity and success of the faculty
  • Cultivates interdisciplinary research collaboration and team science across the college, university and other organizations
  • Fosters research training and experiences for students and post-doctoral fellows

Associate Dean for Strategy and Administration

  • Responsible for leading the college’s budget modelling, while considering the OSU budget model.
  • Works closely with key staff members in areas such as finance, human resources, and data management to develop key profit/loss metrics for the college for budget planning.
  • Works collaboratively to provide strategic planning for the college including providing support for the development of promising programs and program-led initiatives.

Associate Dean Student Services and Well-being

  • Oversees the Office of Student Success
  • Supports students during their college experience
  • Facilitates undergraduate student recruitment, retention and graduation efforts
  • Serves as the college hearing officer for academic misconduct cases

School Head

  • Provides leadership for the school’s research, teaching and outreach, and its contributions to the strategic plan of the college and university
  • Oversees and promotes the professional development of the school’s faculty and staff – including the development of position descriptions, hiring, annual plans of work, evaluations, and merit, tenure and promotion
  • Provides leadership related to the management of the school’s academic programs and its curriculum, including teaching and GTA assignments
  • Leads in ways that enhance the social and cultural environment of the school, including demonstrating commitments to equity, inclusion and diversity
  • Champions and raises the visibility of the school’s people and programs in the college, university and beyond
  • Provides fiscal management for the school

Director of EID

  • Advances best practices around equity, inclusion, diversity and social justice within College of Health policies and practices.
  • Ensures that decision making related to equity, inclusion and diversity within the College of Health is informed by data.
  • Enacts special initiatives in College of Health related to equity, inclusion, diversity, and social justice.
  • Leads effort to embed the collective efforts of the College of Health within the wider OID work of the university.

Extension Family & Community Health Program Leader

  • Provides administrative and programmatic leadership to a focused portfolio of Extension programs designed to improve the health status of Oregonians
  • Refines and implements strategic goals
  • Provides overall program leadership to faculty and staff, on and off campus, in cooperation with regional directors and Extension administration
  • Works in tandem with 4-H Youth Development program leader to facilitate cross-program integration to result in operational efficiency and improved outcomes for children, youth, families and communities

Director of OSU Center for Health Innovation

  • Develops new partnership opportunities on innovation with industry, government, community organizations
  • Identifies and cultivates opportunities for innovation projects, workforce development, thought leadership
  • Promotes engagement with state and county public health (e.g., academic health departments)
  • Engages in scholarship in health innovation consistent with the mission and strategic plan of the College of Health

Director of Marketing and Communications

  • Brand manager; guides, supports and leads brand management across university, college
  • Promotes college faculty, staff and students with clear, consistent, engaging and brand- aligned communications, including print, digital and social media
  • Supports college-level recruitment efforts, undergraduate and graduate
  • Supports alumni and donor outreach and initiatives
  • Services include concept development, visual design, writing/editing for print/online, advertising, and media and event support

Director of Assessment and Accreditation

  • Responsible for assessment at the program level, and for university and external accreditation and accountability
  • Leads development, design, implementation and oversight of assessment systems and programs to evaluate the performance of the college for the university, CEPH and other accrediting bodies
  • Leads assessment of student success and alumni readiness; evaluation, tracking and reporting of degree program competencies