Allison Barr

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Allison Barr

Allison Barr

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First-year, Human development and family sciences
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What was your path to OSU?  

I chose OSU-Cascades because of its student-to-staff ratio, dedication to sustainability, and the overall culture.

Navigating getting here was difficult as a first-generation student. I had to get out of my comfort zone and ask for help. I wanted to figure it out by myself, but that quickly proved to be extremely difficult. With the help of college counselors and OSU-Cascades staff, I made it!

I learned about the degree partnership program, and now I take the majority of my credit classes at Central Oregon Community College. This significantly reduces my college costs.

I am still very involved in OSU-Cascades student life as a member of the student advisory board, and a member of TRIO, a program for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Why are you interested in research?   

My interest in research sparked when my instructor, Brianne Kothari, mentioned it in class. She made an announcement about her research project, and I was immediately engaged.

I was interested in doing research because I want to be part of something that can lead to positive change in my community.

Why did you want to be part of Healthy Discoveries?  

Being part of Healthy Discoveries is a great opportunity for me to gain experience and share my research experience with others.

What research will you be working on and with whom?   

Our project aims to measure belonging and resilience in central Oregon to provide information that is useful for the creation of public health programs throughout the region.

I am researching how we can increase outreach for our survey, specifically for people between the ages of 18-24. I am doing this by attending outreach events and collecting suggestions from these populations.

What are your future career or academic plans?

My career goal is to become a community engagement specialist. I want to strengthen, support and encourage communities to come together.


The Healthy Discoveries undergraduate research program is made possible with the generous support of the Patricia Valian Reser Fund for Experiential Learning.