Our mission

Our Mission

Moore Family Center

A legacy of health

The Moore Family Center is dedicated to helping individuals and communities live healthier through healthy foods and good nutrition.

The Moore Family Center’s goal is to take a multidisciplinary approach to understand the role of all foods, including whole grains, in health promotion and disease prevention. The center builds upon synergies among research, education and outreach/practice to bridge the science of whole foods and nutrition to its practical application in the community.

We foster collaborations among researchers, students, educators and community stakeholders by using awareness, research, education and services to help improve the health and well-being of the community.  

  • Provide mechanisms for researchers and students to learn and train in food and nutrition research in a multidisciplinary environment
  • Provide experiential learning experiences in nutrition for students and future educators
  • Provide research services in dietary assessment and human dietary studies
  • Facilitate practical application that can assist individuals and communities through educational opportunities and service offerings



Real food. Real change.

Beyond the center’s home in Milam Hall, we engage Oregonians across the state through our close partner­ship with the OSU Extension Service, including a physical presence in Portland. This allows community-based Extension educators to train youth and families to be advocates for better health, improve local access to healthy foods and physical activity resources, and help develop food safety, nutrition and cooking skills.

This relationship also helps us better understand and address community needs and gives us a footprint — well beyond campus — to every county in the state.

From teaching the next generation of nutrition professionals to research and community engagement, the center sets a new standard for creating a healthy food environment that empowers individuals and communities for generations to come.


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