Educational Resources and Curricula

Educational Resources and Curricula

Moore Family Center

There is something here to support learners of all ages.

The Moore Family Center is proud to share educational resources and curricula to support community-based nutrition education. Whether you are a nutrition educator, or a classroom teacher, there is something here to support learners of all ages.

Kitchen Science: Broccoli Sprouting Activity

Broccoli sprouts are fun and easy to grow at home requiring zero soil or gardening expertise. They are extremely nutritious, full of cancer-fighting compounds, and taste great on just about anything!

Kitchen Science: Exploring the Power of Whole Grains

This simple experiment for kids of all ages can be done at home with basic kitchen equipment. Kids will sprout different types of grains, record their observations for one week, and discuss their observations. Resources include instructions, discussion questions, observation chart, and a How-To video for the experiment.

Food Hero – Whole Grains Toolkit

Find many whole grain recipes, fact sheets, and even kids coloring sheets in the Whole Grains Toolkit to enjoy with your family!

Food Hero is your go-to site for quick, tasty, healthy recipes and helpful tips. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you'll find something new for your family to enjoy on Food Hero, OSU Extension’s healthy recipe website. The Moore Family Center is proud to partner with our friends at food hero to promote healthy eating with whole grains!