June 2019 Whole Child Training Institute

June 2019

Whole Child Training Institute

Hallie E. Ford Center

“Amazingly welcome atmosphere, accessible topics. Relevant and interesting.”

“Loved the training, trainers were knowledgeable and the take-aways were great!”

Trainings offered at June 2019 institute


Red Light, Purple Light: A Self-Regulation Intervention Program

1. Red Light Purple Light Self-Regulation Intervention

Self-regulation is a necessary skill for children that aids their development and success in school and life.

This course gives you the training needed to implement self-regulation activities in preschool through grade 2 settings.

You will

  • Gain an understanding of self-regulation and why it is important.
  • Improve your understanding of research on self-regulation and how children learn and develop self-regulation skills.
  • Learn how to implement the Red Light, Purple Light self-regulation intervention which focuses on a series of music – and movement – based circle time games that can be used to promote young children’s self-regulation at home and school.

Training materials include

  • a training manual, a train whistle, and a set of laminated color cards


CKC: HGD and UGB | TSPC: Learning Designs


Roots of Resilience

2. Developing a Trauma-Lens to Nurture Resilience: A Workshop for Professionals Serving Children and Families

This training focuses on teachers and care providers for children in preschool through grade 2 settings.

This workshop helps support early childhood professionals to nurture resilience and early learning using a trauma-lens. Participants examine trauma, resilience, and how trauma affects children and families. It also offers practical strategies for reflection and application.

It also offers practical strategies for reflection and application.

You will

  • Learn how trauma and resilience affect children’s learning and development.
  • Apply a trauma-lens to support children who have experienced trauma.
  • Plan and practice nurturing our own resilience to foster resilience in others.

Training materials include

  • a Workbook with Activities and Applied Practices, and a sampling of materials to use with children, including recipe cards to create more.


CKC: HGD and UGB | TSPC: Learning Designs


BEPA 2.0

3. BE Physically Active 2Day (BEPA 2.0)

BEPA 2.0 is a classroom-based physical activity program aligned to K-6 state and national health and physical education standards. BEPA 2.0 can be used in and outside of the classroom and before, during or after school to increase children’s physical activity time at school.

You will

  • Learn how to use the BEPA 2.0 program, resources and versatile toolkit to increase physical activity levels of students in your classroom.
  • Reinforce physical and health education state standards in 5-minute activities.
  • Meet requirements associated with Oregon’s revised physical education statutes (under ORS 329).

Training materials include

  • a spiral bound, laminated curriculum book, an implementation manual and a sampling of portable play items from the toolkit.


CKC: HSN | TSPC: Learning Designs

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