Graduate Student Council

Graduate Student Council

Represent your fellow graduate students

The College of Health Graduate Student Council (GSC) is a group of graduate student representatives from each of the college’s disciplines who serve as liaisons between the college’s graduate students and administration.


The GSC will be re-launching next academic year.

Graduate students may reach out to Rafael Arroyo or Hanako Justice with any needs to help the college leadership identify areas of priority to support graduate students.


The goals of the Graduate Student Council are:

  1. To increase networking and career development opportunities for COH students
  2. Streamline communication between the student body and the COH administration, and
  3. To support an inclusive environment for all graduate students in our college.


Council members are chosen by their peers, faculty or program directors in each graduate academic discipline and serve for the duration of one or two academic years. One representative is selected for each graduate discipline within the college. Programs can determine their own process of electing or selecting representatives.

Featured members

Allen Chan

Allen Chan, MS

Allen's research focuses on approaching occupational health and safety questions or problems from a Total Worker Health (TWH) perspective.

TWH recognizes that work is a social determinant of health and that the health and safety of workers is also tied to their well-being, both within and outside of the workplace.

Additionally, he's interested in taking that TWH approach when looking at vulnerable populations of workers to protect their health, ensure their safety, and safeguard their well-being.

Maddie Kasimanickam

Maadhanki "Maddie" Kasimanickam, MPH

Maadhanki "Maddie" Kasimanickam is a public health doctoral student studying global health. She is originally from Washington but relocated to Corvallis a few years ago to pursue an MPH at OSU. Her research interests include addressing food insecurity through policy and program evaluation.

As a representative of the College of Health Graduate Student Council, Maddie is committed to cultivating a collaborative and supportive atmosphere for her fellow graduate students.

In her role, Maddie actively collaborates with faculty and administration, seeking to bridge the gap between students and decision-makers, and fostering a cohesive community that empowers individuals to excel academically and personally. She strives to champion the voice of every graduate student, ensuring that their perspectives are heard and valued.