What is nutrition?

Feed your hunger for knowledge

Nutrition is much more than what you eat. It's the science behind food and its impact on health.

At Oregon State, we take a holistic approach that lets you dive into the behaviors and social factors behind the dietary choices we make.

We teach you how food can help manage chronic diseases, such as diabetes, and reduce the risk of others.

We help heal relationships with food and equip others with knowledge to live a healthier life.

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What can you do with a degree in nutrition?

Earning a bachelor’s degree in nutrition opens a wide range of career opportunities.

Work in the food industry, open up a private practice or become a health educator. Take your knowledge to a clinical setting, eating disorder treatment center or the sports industry.

Become a dietitian

If you’re interested in becoming a RDN or NDTR, you’re in the right place. Oregon State University offers the only accredited didactic program in dietetics in Oregon.

Cook up something great

Learn and gain hands-on experience in food and nutrition research with OSU’s Moore Family Center (MFC).

Gain hands-on experience

Our college offers multiple opportunities for faculty mentored research. Dig in and become more competitive in the job market and graduate school admissions.

Lisa Perrett, ‘21

Lisa Perrett, ‘21
Currently attending the University of Utah’s Coordinated Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics

“In my journey through the nutrition program at Oregon State, I regained balance in my eating habits, discovered the importance of variety and moderation, and regained my love of food. I hope I can help other people who have had similar struggles.”