Join the Team

We are always looking for strong team members!

If you are interested in graduate training, postdoctoral training or becoming a visiting scientist, please send a CV/resume and an explanation of why your interests align with those of the lab group to Dr. Dallas at [email protected].

Graduate Training

Nutrition: One of the programs Dr. Dallas will accept students from is in the Nutrition Graduate Program, within the College of Health. To apply to the Nutrition MS or PhD program, click the links. Applications for both the MS and PhD programs are due December 1st.

Food Science: Dr. Dallas is also a Graduate Faculty Member in Food Science and Technology and can take MS and PhD students in this program. You can find information about applying to the Food Science programs .

Undergraduate Training

The Dallas lab offers an undergraduate research program to Oregon State University students who want to gain experience in basic lab skills and research. Click here for more information and to apply.