Region 3 Columbia Plateau (Gilliam, Morrow, Sherman, Umatilla & Wheeler counties)

Region 3 Columbia Plateau

(Gilliam, Morrow, Sherman, Umatilla & Wheeler counties)

Healthy Communities Outreach Project

“International Cooking with Grains & Herbs/Walking your Way to Wellness”

The Columbia Plateau’s outreach blends the promotion of healthy eating and physical activity through teaching cooking skills with whole grains and herbs, and offering opportunities to be involved in a walking program or other activities that promote regular exercise while having fun with others in their community. Programs will offer an opportunity for community members to discover safe places for walking and exercise, help reduce obesity through better eating choices and exercise, and bring awareness about healthier lifestyles to the community as a whole.

Team Members

  • Sherman: Cindy Brown (4-H)
  • Gilliam: Cindy Osterlund (4-H), Natalie  Wilkins (SNAP-Ed)
  • Wheeler:  Amy Derby (4-H)
  • Umatilla: Loretta Newberry (FCH, SNAP-Ed)
  • Morrow: Jenny Chavez (SNAP-Ed)

Highlighted Partners

  • Good Shepherd Hospital
  • Extension Research Center
  • Wheeler County, Fair and Rodeo Board
  • Wheeler County, Community Schools Coordinator
  • Two Boys Grocery

Moore Family Center Outreach Activities

 A group of people in aprons working together in a kitchen or cafeteria setting.
  • Teach food safety with food prep when chopping ingredients for whole grain pizza night
  • Create more ways to include physical activity during cooking classes that can be done with families at home
 Three women in an indoor kitchen, working with pizza ingredients.
  • Teach cooking skills with whole grains and herbs
  • Promote walking program and physical activity
  • Help reduce obesity with physical activity as part of each class while recipe is cooking