Application Process

Kinesiology Graduate Program

Our graduate admissions process runs through individual faculty members who choose to accept interested students that match their area of research.

We encourage you to follow-up directly with faculty members with whom you share research interests to inquire about their capacity for new students.


Admissions deadline for optimal consideration: December 15
Funding deadline for all applicants: December 15
Admission deadline for all applicants: Standard graduate school deadline



 Undergrad program

See Kinesiology Undergraduate Program for undergrad program application info.


How to Apply

Kinesiology Graduate Program Admission Requirements

Satisfy the admission requirements for Oregon State University
See: Graduate Admissions - Minimum Academic Requirements

Successfully complete degree requirements
Students applying to the Kinesiology Graduate Program should have completed, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, exercise and sport science, or closely related field with background coursework appropriate to the chosen area of concentration (i.e, Biophysical or Psychosocial). Applicants from other fields of study can be considered, but may need to make up deficiencies in background coursework.

Contact potential faculty advisors
Admission to the Kinesiology Graduate Program is heavily influenced by matching faculty members with incoming graduate students during the admissions process. All potential applicants are highly encouraged to contact faculty members with whom they share research interests to inquire about their capacity for taking on new students prior to applying to the program. Further, there are no program-wide pre-requisite courses given the breadth of expertise in Kinesiology. However, interested students should discuss with their potential faculty advisor(s) whether their background knowledge meets the faculty member’s expectations for incoming graduate students in the desired degree program (PhD or MS).    

Take the Graduate Records Exam (GRE)
Students are required to take the Graduate Records Exams (GRE): Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical. A subject test is not required. While the GRE is a required part of the application, there is no specified minimum for admission to the program. Kinesiology Graduate Program faculty use a holistic approach to evaluating applicants and the GRE is just one piece of information used in that evaluation.  

International Students
Please see details regarding international admission requirements at OSU Graduate Admissions for International Students. The Kinesiology Graduate Program follows the standards outlined by the Graduate School.

Applications must be submitted directly to the OSU Graduate School using the “Apply Now” link at the top of the page. All application materials should be received by December 15 to be ensured full consideration for the following Fall term. Applications received after the deadline will be considered on a space-available basis.


Graduate Student Funding

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are available in teaching and research to highly qualified candidates. Graduate assistantship annual support ranges from $9,595-$22,176 based on assignment (and also includes a waiver of graduate tuition).

All applicants who are admitted to the graduate program are considered for graduate assistantships in teaching and research. Teaching assistantships are awarded by the School, while research assistantships are determined by individual faculty members who have grant funding.

Applicants will receive a request from the OSU Graduate School to complete details regarding residency and at this time will also be asked to complete the PAC Teaching Preference Form (pdf) if they wish to be considered for teaching in the Physical Activity Course (PAC) Program.

Departmental and/or College Fellowships

All Kinesiology Graduate Program applicants are encouraged to apply for Fellowships. For detailed descriptions of available fellowships, application deadlines etc., please visit Graduate Fellowships.