MPH Epidemiology Option

Epidemiologists seek to reduce risk by uncovering clues about what causes disease and injury so they can better detect, plan for and prevent them – here and across the globe.
Our diverse and talented faculty are epidemiological experts who study how a variety of factors affect human health, including climate change, complex chronic disease management, disease prevention and management, disaster preparedness, foodborne outbreaks, healthy aging, HIV, maternity care, and pollutants at work, at home and in the environment.


How To Apply

The Graduate Student Admissions page contains instructions for each step of the application process.


Program Handbooks and Competencies


Master of Public Health

See general information of our Master of Public Health (MPH) program.



The H510 MPH internship is a 200-hour professional internship where knowledge from coursework is applied in a real-world setting.



The College of Public Health and Human Sciences is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health


Further Information

If you have specific questions about the application process, visit the college's Graduate Student Admissions.

For academic or professional information specific to the OSU MPH Epidemiology Program, please contact the program director Jeffrey Bethel, Ph.D..