Epidemiology PhD student directory

PhD student directory



This directory does not represent every alumni from the program.

  • Kwadwo Boakye, PhD

    Kwadwo Boakye is an assistant professor in the department of Public Health & Health Services Administration at California State University, Chico. Dr. Boakye is an environmental epidemiologist whose research focuses on understanding how… see full profile
  • Blake Buchalter, PhD

    Blake has research interests in cancer epidemiology, risk factors, prevention, and disparities. Blake's current and previous projects include analyzing rural-urban cancer disparities; the causal relationship between talcum powder and ovarian cancer… see full profile
  • Caitlin Burbank, PhD, PT, DPT

    Caitlin has research interests in physical activity epidemiology and epidemiology of aging, informed by her clinical work as a physical therapist. Her current work includes identification of risk factors and determinants of healthy and pathologic… see full profile
  • Corey Pierce, PhD '21

    Talented Epidemiologist dedicated to investigating unexplained pain factors, and developing novel programs that make a lasting impact on the control of pain. Strong in communication, organization and project management. Prepared to bring unique pain… see full profile
  • Sabrina Pillai, PhD

    Dr. Sabrina Pillai is a biostatistician for the US Army Public Health Center. An epidemiologist adept at advanced biostatistical methods, her research interests include planned birth setting, maternal and neonatal outcomes of birth, perinatal… see full profile
  • Kendra D. Sims, PhD

    In my work as an early-career epidemiologist, I apply causal inference theory and statistical methods to multi-level stressors and disparities in population health.In my work as an early-career epidemiologist, I apply causal inference theory and… see full profile