Program Faculty


Our diverse and talented faculty are epidemiological experts who study how a variety of factors affect human health, including climate change, complex chronic disease management, disease prevention and management, disaster preparedness, foodborne outbreaks, healthy aging, HIV, maternity care, and pollutants at work, at home and in the environment.

Primary faculty

Jeff Bethel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Jeff's research focuses on building adaptive capacity to address the health impacts of infectious disease outbreaks and natural hazards, particularly among vulnerable populations.

Marit Bovbjerg, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
(Program Director)

Marit's research focuses on US maternity care, particularly midwifery and community birth for low-risk women. She is also interested in physical activity during pregnancy and the postpartum period, and potential effects on maternal outcomes.

Matthew Bozigar, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Matt is interested in place-based social and environmental influences on health and health disparities.

Ellen Smit, Ph.D. RD

Ellen's research is focused on diet, metabolism, and physical activity in relation to both chronic disease and HIV infection in diverse populations.

Associated faculty

Perry Hystad, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Environmental and Occupational Health

Perry's research uses spatial exposure assessment methods to determine the chronic health effects associated with exposure to air pollution, including cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and cancer.

Yumie Takata, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Yumie's research focuses on the etiological roles of nutritional factors in cancer and chronic disease.