Clinical Education Experiences

Clinical education experiences

Master of Athletic Training

Get in the game and help athletes get back on their feet

As a student in the OSU Master of Athletic Training degree program (MATRN), you are required to complete athletic training clinical experiences over the two years you are enrolled in the program. The goal is to provide you with varied athletic training clinical experiences that allow you to integrate knowledge and skills with real-time opportunities under the guidance of a preceptor. Over the course of two years, you will progress through supervised experiences with increasing amounts of clinical responsibility leading to autonomous practice upon graduation.

Athletic training clinical experiences begin the first year in the program and continue until graduation.

In both the first and second year, athletic training clinical experiences will begin the last week of July or first week of August – with the actual start date provided in advance. Some athletic training clinical experiences will occur during academic calendar breaks (e.g., winter and spring break). At the end of year 1, you will have a break from program related athletic training clinical experiences until returning for the start of year 2.

You will be assigned to preceptors at both on and off campus affiliated sites. Some sites will require travel to and from the site, generally less than 30 minutes each direction. The length of athletic training clinical education assignments will vary and are designed to provide you opportunities to experience varied patient populations and a variety of health conditions commonly seen in athletic training practice. You will also complete at least one immersive experience, which allows you to experience the totality of care provided by athletic trainers. The assignments are made in consultation with program faculty and preceptors. The program follows OSU’s non-discrimination policies when assigning students to clinical sites.

All program related athletic training clinical experiences are associated with courses in your program of study (Year 1 – AT 509 and Year 2 – AT 510). Per university policy, for each credit hour registered, you are expected to attain at least 30 hours of clinical education experience.

Prior to beginning clinical education experiences

Background check

In order to complete the required clinical education component of the MATRN degree a satisfactorily completed background check is necessary. We will send you the paperwork for completing the background check.

Emergency cardiac care / CPR certification

You are required to have this certification before starting clinical education experiences and continuously throughout the program.

The certification must include:

  • Adult CPR
  • Pediatric CPR
  • 2nd rescuer CPR
  • AED
  • Airway obstruction
  • Barrier devices (e.g., pocket mask, bag valve mask)
  • Demonstration of skills

If you currently have a certification meeting those requirements, please submit a copy of the credential. If you do not have certification meeting the requirements, we will help you register for a course during the summer of your first year.

Immunization verification

You must verify that you have completed the OSU immunization requirement prior to placement at a clinical site.

University policies

Current clinical education sites

University setting

  • Oregon State University Athletics
  • Western Oregon University Athletics

High school setting

  • Corvallis High School
  • Lebanon High School
  • Philomath High School
  • West Albany High School
  • Santiam Christian High School

Clinic setting

  • PT Northwest
  • Samaritan Athletic Medicine Center