Mission, goals, and graduate learning outcomes

Mission, goals, and graduate learning outcomes

Master of Athletic Training

Mission statement

The Oregon State University athletic training degree is designed to prepare you for the challenges of the ever-expanding healthcare profession of athletic training by providing extensive classroom and clinical educational experiences. Through an emphasis on patient-centered holistic care and population health perspectives, graduates of this program achieve the entry-level knowledge and skills necessary to embark on a career as a certified athletic trainer in diverse settings.

Goals and objectives of the program

The OSU athletic training program has the following goals:

  • Provide you with quality classroom learning experiences.
  • Provide you with varied and quality clinical education experiences.
  • Prepare you to meet entry-level standards of the profession of athletic training.
  • Prepare you for a successful transition-to-practice as athletic trainers committed to advancing health and well-being for all.

MATRN graduate learning outcomes

At the completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Develop, implement, and monitor injury and illness prevention strategies.
  • Incorporate clinical reasoning in the selection of assessment procedures to formulate diagnoses.
  • Create and implement therapeutic interventions.
  • Conduct research or produce some other form of creative work.
  • Demonstrate mastery of subject material.
  • Conduct scholarly or professional activities in an ethical manner.

See outcomes tables for analytics on past OSU athletic training students’ success on BOC examination, graduation rate, graduate placement/employment rate and retention rate.