Athletic Training Faculty

Program faculty are affiliated with the Sports Injury Prevention Research Group. In the lab, the athletic training researchers study the biomechanics and neuromuscular control of lower extremity injuries. OSU AT program faculty are also on the forefront of research that intersects athletic training and public health.

Kim Hannigan, Ph.D., ATC
Clinical Associate Professor
Program Director

Kim’s position includes overseeing the curricular development for the program, accreditation compliance and teaching of multiple courses in kinesiology and athletic training.  Her focus is on student learning and translation of classroom content to clinical practice.

Sam Johnson, PhD, ATC, CSCS
Clinical Associate Professor
Clinical Education Coordinator

Sam’s research focuses on athletic injury prevention by increasing implementation of best practice recommendations and by understanding how the nervous system controls movement. In the classroom, his goal is to help students learn and more importantly apply the material to their clinical practice.

Cathleen Brown Crowell, Ph.D., ATC
Clinical Associate Professor

Cathy’s research focuses on postural stability and human motion deficits in the physically active with lower extremity joint instability and chronic injuries. She works to determine mechanisms for injury and biomechanical characteristics that can lead to better patient outcomes.

Marc Norcross, Ph.D., ATC
Associate Professor

Marc’s research seeks to reduce injury risk thorough the identification of modifiable factors that contribute to the use of unfavorable movement patterns. He also aims to improve population-level health and wellness by working to increase the implementation and dissemination of preventative best practices.

Emily Norcross, MA, ATC

Emily's position includes coordinating clinical experiences for students within the Pre-Therapy and Allied Health option and teaching of multiple courses in kinesiology and athletic training.

Mark Hoffman, PhD, ATC, EMT, FNATA

Study of the sensory and motor systems of the human body in an attempt to gain a better understanding of their mechanisms for the promotion of human movement, physical activity, and the prevention of injury. Specifically I have been interested in studying neuromuscular mechanisms as they relate to sport injury.