Public Health

Undergraduate program

Knowing your passion is easy. Finding your purpose is better.

Experience matters. We’re the first accredited college of public health in Oregon and build on a 100-year-plus legacy of ensuring health and well-being for people across the lifespan — in the United States and beyond.

As a public health professional, you’ll work behind the scenes to prevent disease and protect and promote health.

You’ll take a holistic look at disease and injury prevention, including environmental issues, health policies and what we call the social determinants of health, which are the social and environmental conditions in which we are born, grow, live, work and age.

In addition, you’ll address health across the lifespan, health disparities and health equity. You’ll also have the opportunity to work locally, nationally and internationally on critical health issues in one of the few undergraduate public health programs in the country.


Major options

Students in this undergraduate major will choose one of the following major options:

View OSU academic catalog for courses required of all public health majors


Minor options

A Public Health undergraduate minor is available both on campus and through OSU Ecampus.


This major option is also available 100% online through OSU Ecampus, ranked No. 5 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.


Online program details

Undergraduate research opportunities

We offer multiple paths and resources that allow you to explore and be exposed to faculty mentored research and to actively engage in undergraduate student research in both social science and bench science settings.

In addition, the college’s nationally recognized Center for Healthy Aging Research offers opportunities as a LIFE Scholar, in which you work collaboratively with center faculty mentors and graduate students, participate in hands-on, engaging inquiry and create and share new knowledge related to the field of aging. Engaging in these programs will allow you to apply coursework and build your resume to become more competitive in both the job market and for graduate school admissions.


Get involved

Join a student club, study abroad, choose a minor or participate in an internship to make the most of your Oregon State degree.


Head of the class

If your GPA is over 3.75 (3.5 for current Oregon State students and transfer students), you’re eligible to earn your degree through the Honors College. This prestigious option means you get more faculty support and the opportunity for undergraduate research. It also gives you a leg up with future employers and graduate programs. Curious about how this works? Visit the Honors College to learn more.