Knowing your passion is easy.
Finding your purpose is better.

"I am so glad one of my passions has a name -- public health."
Yesina Castro, 2013

What is public health?

More than a career. A calling.

Public health professionals promote and protect the health of people and communities – where they live, learn, work and play. The ways in which they do that are as unique as the professionals themselves.

Our work in public health includes educating people about the dangers of tobacco, encouraging safe sex, tracking and preventing the spread of infectious disease, examining toxins in our environment, setting up safety standards to protect workers and prevent injury, helping schools establish nutrition programs, affecting public policy and working alongside communities in other countries to help improve health and well-being.

We are change-agents and difference-makers who learn, explore and inspire people to come together to solve pressing health challenges and more – with the goal of preventing disease, prolonging life, reducing human suffering, helping children thrive, and promoting human health and well-being in Oregon and beyond.