Graduate Fellowships

College of Health

Graduate school is a big step toward reaching your academic and professional goals, and it’s important to examine the cost of your investment.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are able to offer a limited number of graduate fellowships.

Are you an undergrad? Apply for Undergraduate Scholarships

Apply via OSU ScholarDollars

The OSU ScholarDollars portal (where you may apply for awards to be distributed in the 2023-2024 academic year) is now open and accepting applications. Once you login with your ONID credentials, please remember to fill out the general application and the College of Health application (both within ScholarDollars). The system will use your provided answers, as well as your student record, to automatically match you to awards you qualify for university-wide (not just COH awards).

Application deadline

Submit your graduate fellowship application via OSU ScholarDollars between November 1, 2022, and March 15, 2023, to maximize the number of scholarships for which you will be considered. Most OSU scholarships have a deadline on or after February 15, 2023, but specific deadlines may vary. The College of Health graduate awards handled in this college have a deadline of March 31, 2023.

Graduate student emergency grant request

The College of Health offers financial assistance to our graduate students in emergency situations. The college emergency grant is intended to help students during times of crisis where a clear need exists and hardship is impacting their learning. Review emergency funding guidelines (pdf)

   Grant request form

COH Experiential Learning Scholarship

The College of Health experiential learning scholarship is intended for COH undergraduate and graduate students to help defray expenses for degree-required experiential learning opportunities (e.g., practicum, internship, field experience or clinical experience) or for an accredited internship program.

   details and application form

Graduate fellowships FAQ

A committee of faculty from across the college reviews the applications, convenes to discuss the merits of different cases, and makes final award decisions. A variety of factors are considered to identify the most deserving students, and the eligibility criteria can vary depending on the intent of a given scholarship or fellowship.

All applications are carefully reviewed, although not all applications are funded. The process is very competitive, so take the time to thoughtfully prepare your application materials. You are encouraged to apply again even if you are not funded in a given year as in the future you will have more experiences to report and improved skills to better present your case.

If you are selected for an award, an award letter will be sent to you via ScholarDollars to your electronic ONID account. You will need to accept the award in Banner in order to receive any money. Failure to accept the award and complete the post-award questions by the deadline stipulated can result in you forfeiting the money that will be re-distributed to other applicants. Therefore, it is essential that you monitor your ONID account and respond in a timely fashion.

Award winners are notified through ScholarDollars towards the middle of spring term of the year applications are due.

Funds will be deposited directly into your OSU student account. The money will be applied to any outstanding debt in those cases where students owe money to OSU. In rare cases such as with travel grants, students may be reimbursed for funds.

Your scholarship will be awarded in three segments, one-third each term for Fall, Winter, and Spring. You must be enrolled in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences and registered for a minimum of 12 credits per term to continue receiving the scholarship. If you change your major and/or option during the academic year, it may jeopardize your eligibility for an award. Exceptions to this agreement must be requested in writing and submitted to the Executive Assistant, Dean’s Office.

It is our expectation that you will write a thank you letter to the donors who support your scholarships by the end of spring term. You will be asked to write a donor thank you letter once you have accepted an award in ScholarDollars.

A letter of gratitude may be the key to continued support of extraordinary students like you and donors would appreciate knowing about you, the impact their generosity has on your education, as well as your future goals that are supported by the funding that you are receiving.

Refer to tips for thanking your donor.

November 1 ScholarDollars opens

March 31 is the deadline for most College of Health awards, though ScholarDollars will stay open until the scholarship cycle closes on June 30.

Have questions?

If you need assistance, please contact Niddy Lindsley.

Also see financing your education on the OSU Graduate School website.