Research seminar: April 12, 2024

Growing up unequal: How poverty impacts child and adolescent well-being

Dr. Elgar will examine the health impacts of early-life exposure to poverty, economic inequality, food insecurity, and violence using data from national and international surveys, including the World Health Organization’s Health Behavior in School-aged Children (HBSC) study. He will also explores policy opportunities for redressing child health inequities by tackling the most impoverished and toxic conditions in which to grow up.

Co-Sponsored with the Human Development and Family Sciences Program

April 12, 2024


Frank J. Elgar, PhD
Department of Equity, Ethics and Policy
School of Population and Global Health
McGill University

Dr. Frank Elgar is appointed to the Department of Equity, Ethics and Policy in the School of Population and Global Health at McGill University. He is also an associate member of the Department of Psychology and Margaret A. Gilliam Institute for Global Food Security and visiting professor at the Department of Developmental Psychology and Socialisation, University of Padova (Italy). In 2024, he will be a Fulbright Visiting Scholar in Human Development and Family Sciences at Oregon State University.

Prior to his appointment at McGill in 2011, Dr. Elgar studied developmental psychology at Memorial University of Newfoundland (BA 1996, MSc 1999) and Dalhousie University (PhD 2003) and held academic positions at Cardiff University's School of Social Sciences (2003-04), the University of Manitoba's Department of Family Social Sciences (2004-06), and Carleton University's Department of Psychology (2006-2011).

His research explores the impacts of poverty, economic inequality, food insecurity and school violence on children and youth in various political and economic contexts. This research involves national and international collaborations, such as the World Health Organization's Health Behaviour in School-aged Children study.