FLIPP Resources for Commercial Fishermen

FLIPP Resources for Commercial Fishermen

The resources below were developed from ideas from fishermen to help reduce the risk of injury and stay fishing.

The Fishermen Led Injury Prevention Program or FLIPP is an innovative project that includes fishermen, researchers, extension agents and coastal community members. The goal of FLIPP is to understand injuries in the Dungeness crab fleet and test ideas to reduce or prevent these injuries. The resources below were developed from ideas from fishermen to help reduce the risk of injury and stay fishing.

FFAST – Fishermen First Aid and Safety Training

Training and resources for keeping fishermen safe at sea

The Fishermen Led Injury Prevention Program (FLIPP) developed this first aid class that incorporate wilderness first aid and specific work tasks/situations found on commercial fishing vessels. We are now collaborating with partners in Alaska and New England to build capacity for this training thanks to a training grant from NIOSH. Visit the FFAST website for more information.

FLIPP for Lifejackets

We have an exciting new resource for commercial fishermen in Oregon and Washington that is coming soon. Starting in Spring 2023 we will be reaching out to fishermen in the Pacific Northwest.  With the help of fishermen, we will be working with manufacturers in the design of lifejackets that will be more comfortable and easier to work in.  A similar study was done with Lobstermen in New England and Alaskan fishermen, and one of the key takeaways is that lifejacket designs needs to vary from fishery to fishery and region to region.  Your insight and experience are important so we will be mailing and calling fishermen to hear directly from you about lifejackets.

How Bang Bars Help Deckhands

Read this research report on how bang bars installed on dump boxes can help crabbers. 

FLIPP Crew Agreement Information

We learned that commercial fishermen think a good crew agreement can help reduce the risk of injuries and establish a positive relationship between owners and crew.  We interviewed captains and reviewed sample crew agreements to compile this resource for fishermen, vessel owners, and families. A crew agreement is required for some fishing vessels. Click here to learn more about the regulation and see if your vessel requires a crew agreement.

What goes into an effective crew agreement? 

Get a sample crew agreement that you can adapt for your use.

New to Commercial Fishing?

Fishermen said that a good crew is important. Newer crew may need help from experienced crew.  We interviewed captains and crew to learn what a new fishermen should know when finding work as a commercial fishermen. This resource is good for anyone interested in being a commercial fishermen and captains can share with anyone who talks with them about working on their vessel.

FLIPP Survey Results

In 2015 we held focus groups with fishermen to help design our survey to learn more about crabbing-related injuries and fishermen's insights on safety.

426 fishermen, including 365 crabbers, filled out our survey.

See the results of our survey on crabbing-related injuries and fishermen's insights on safety (pdf).

Curious about what the survey looked like?  Check it out here. (pdf)

FLIPP First Aid Kit Resources for Commercial Fishing Vessels

Another important strategy in improving fisherman safety is to ensure that each boat has a fully-stocked and comprehensive first aid kit suited to specific needs and situations that might arise while out at sea. This kit building guide was put together based off of recommendations from safety professionals as well as commercial crabbers.

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FLIPP in the news

Other resources for fishermen

Fishing Safety Success Story: A video from NIOSH highlighting how a fishermen's life vest saved his life.

The Commercial Fishing Vessel Checklist Generator: A detailed checklist from the US Coast Guard to prepare vessels prior to examination by the Coast Guard.

Free iPhone Apps available in the iTunes Store:

  • SCRaMP is the Small Craft Motion Program that displays the phone's accelerometer, gyroscope, and location data. A collection of motion warning indices are implemented for boating operations. 
  • FV Drills is an easy way to do a drill aboard your boat.  This app provides a mobile form of the fishing vessel drills contained in Jensen and Dzugan's "beating the Odds" manuscript.

First Aid

Learn what’s in a commercial fisherman’s first aid kit. Having an industry specific first aid kit could make treating injuries at sea more effective.


The U.S. Coast Guard is there to help you in an ocean emergency. Learn the proper protocol for calling the coast guard from your fishing vessel.


Scene Assessment

What are the first steps to take when someone is hurt on your fishing vessel and may need first aid? Learn how to safely assess the scene when an event happens.

First Aid at Sea

Learn more about FFAST – Fishermen First Aid and Safety Training through this video produced by OSU's Marine Studies Initiative:

Partner's Links

Commercial fishing safety resources from the East Coast.

CDC/NIOSH Commercial Fishing Safety