FFAST – Fishermen First Aid and Safety Training

Training and resources for keeping fishermen safe at sea

The Fishermen Led Injury Prevention Program (FLIPP) developed this first aid class that incorporate wilderness first aid and specific work tasks/situations found on commercial fishing vessels. We are now collaborating with partners in Alaska and New England to build capacity for this training thanks to a training grant from NIOSH

Upcoming Trainings and Events

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Take care and stay healthy!

FFAST is based off real life experiences that fishermen have at sea.  We are using injury data for realistic training scenarios and information. 

Learn more about FFAST through this video produced by OSU's Marine Studies Initiative:


First Aid at Sea


First Aid Kit Resources for Commercial Fishing Vessels

Another important strategy in improving fisherman safety is to ensure that each boat has a fully-stocked and comprehensive first aid kit suited to specific needs and situations that might arise while out at sea.

What Should Go in Your First Aid Kit?

Learn what’s in a commercial fisherman’s first aid kit. Having an industry specific first aid kit could make treating injuries at sea more effective.

Commercial fishermen first aid kit

Other First Aid Kit Resources

This kit building guide was put together based off of recommendations from safety professionals as well as commercial crabbers.

First Aid Training Resources for Commercial Fishermen

These videos can be used in First Aid and Safety Training.


The U.S. Coast Guard is there to help you in an ocean emergency. Learn the proper protocol for calling the coast guard from your fishing vessel.

First steps to take when someone is hurt on your commercial fishing vessel

Scene Assessment

What are the first steps to take when someone is hurt on your fishing vessel? Learn how to safely assess the scene when an event happens.

Protocol for calling the U.S. Coast Guard from your fishing vessel