Health Management and Policy

Program Faculty

Health Management and Policy (HMP) faculty conduct cutting-edge research that informs public health policy and health system transformation. Their research expertise includes:

  1. Innovative health care delivery and financing approaches
  2. Accountable care models, such as Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organizations
  3. Health economics and applied health econometrics
  4. Cost-effectiveness analysis
  5. Mental health and substance abuse policy
  6. Health care access and quality measurement
  7. Health and health care disparities
  8. Long-term care
Primary faculty

Stephanie Bernell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Steph's research interests include the labor market effects of physical and mental health status, the relationship between place and obesity, the causes of hunger and food insecurity and the effect of poverty and rural location on health.

Marion Ceraso, MHS, MA
Associate Professor (Practice)

Marion’s research, teaching and program interests focus on the impact of public policies on health and health equity, as well as the use of journalistic tools in the investigation and communication of public health issues.

Karen Elliott, Ph.D., MS, CHES
Senior Instructor
(Public Health Undergraduate Internship Coordinator)

Karen's instructional interest is experiential learning, including internships, practicums and service learning. Undergrad Public Health Internship.

Larry Gilley, MBA
Senior Instructor
(HMP Undergraduate Program Director)

Prior to joining Oregon State, he was an adjunct and online Instructor in Health Care Administration and Management for more than a decade. Larry also worked in the health care industry for more than 15 years as an executive director and health care administrator.

S. Marie Harvey, DrPH, MPH

Marie's research focuses on the sexual and reproductive health of young adults. She has published widely in the area of risk and prevention of unintended pregnancy and STIs among high-risk women, men and couples and the influence of relationship and contextual factors on protective behaviors and sexual risk-taking.

Annie Hommel, Ph.D.

Annie's academic interests include health policy and politics, social determinants of human health, health disparities, planetary health, and a “health in all policies” approach.

Denise M. Hynes, BSN, MPH, Ph.D., RN
(HMP Graduate Program Director)

Denise’s research interests include innovative approaches to improve health care quality, access, and costs. Database and informatics methods to support research and evaluation of healthcare interventions and programs.

Tao Li, MD, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Tao’s research focuses on health disparity for low-income individuals, patient-centered medical home, and health care financing and quality.

Jeff Luck, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Jeff's research focuses on performance of health care delivery systems and public health agencies, population health data for management and policy analysis, measuring and improving the quality of care, and implementation of new management practices and information systems in health care organizations.

Carolyn Mendez-Luck, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Carolyn's main research focus has been to examine the motivations and meanings of the caregiver role and the interpersonal dynamics within the caregiving dyad. Her expertise is in qualitative, survey, and intervention research methods, which she has applied to understanding the social and cultural factors associated with adult development and aging in Latino families.

Allison E. Myers, Ph.D., MPH
Director, Oregon State University Center for Health Innovation

Allison's areas of practice, applied research and teaching all center around the development and implementation of policy, systems, and environmental approaches to promote public health and health equity.

Associated faculty

Chunhuei Chi, Sc.D., MPH

Chunhuei's research interests include equitable and sustainable health development for low-income nations; health systems finance; national health care systems and universal health care; evaluating equity and efficiency (extra-welfarism) in health care services and system finance; and comparative health care systems.