H410 Public Health Undergraduate Internships

The internship is completed in a public health setting which can include health departments, OSU Extension Service, nonprofit organizations such as schools, local shelters, clinics, hospitals, and international internships.

H410 is a 360-hour, 12 credit internship for the Public Health major (Health Management and Policy, HMP, Health Promotion and Health Behavior, HPHB and the General option). It can be split into two terms, 180 hours each term, 6 credits each term.  For double option students, it is 540 hours and 18 credits. For double degree students with Education, 180 hours of their student teaching can be counted towards the 360 hours.  For more information on the internship process and to access the learning agreement, go to the Before the Internship section.

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Ten Steps to Securing an Internship

Winter 2023 Newsletters

Week 1 Newsletter

Spring 2023 Internships

Summer Enrichment HMP Paid Summer Internship for Students in the Accelerated Masters Program 

Marquis Companies HPHB or HMP Paid Spring Internship

Moore Family HPHB Spring/Summer Internship

Benton County Health Department (BCHD) Paid HMP or HPHB Spring Internship

BCHD Application for Internships

Holt International Spring HPHB Spring Internship

Benton County Health Department (BCHD) Unpaid HMP or HPHB Spring Internship

Unpaid Spring Emergency Management Internships, one at Albany, one at Corvallis location: if interested, email me!

Summer 2023 Internships

Jed Foundation HMP or HPHB Paid Fully Remote Summer Internship

SHARP HMP or HPHB PAID Summer Internship

TZ Medical HMP Paid Summer Internship

Retirement Connections HMP or HPHB Paid Summer Internship

OHSU ORION HMP or HPHB Paid Summer Internship

SAIF Safety and Health Summer HMP or HPHB Paid Summer Internship

SAIF Industrial Hygiene Summer HMP or HPHB Paid Internship

Benton County Health Department (BCHD) Unpaid HMP or HPHB Summer Internship

Summer IE3 HMP and HPHB Internships: The IE3 Office on campus has international internships for Summer, the deadline to apply is January 25th.

Fall 2023 Internships

Benton County Health Department (BCHD) Unpaid HMP or HPHB Spring Internship


Education Program Assistant

Volunteer Coordinator Position at Salem for Refugees


Ask Alumni Events

Ask Alumni Event 2

February 2nd: Hire a Psych Student-Employer Networking Event for Jobs & Internships: Many of these sites are public health sites too!
Handshake  |  MU 109  |  2 - 5 p.m.

February 15th, 11-3 CH2 Hill Alumni Center: Winter Career Fair 

Instructions and Deadlines for H410 Registration Approval

I want to take H410 in: The Learning Agreement (located on the Before the Internship section on this website) must be emailed to the Internship Coordinator by:
Fall 2023 11:59 pm, PST, August 9th, 2023
Winter 2023 11:59 pm, PST, November 16th, 2022 (extension provided until December 7th)
Spring 2023 11:59 p.m. PST, February 22nd 2023
Summer 2023 11:59 p.m. PST, May 10th, 2023, Summer Session 1 only

Information or questions

For more information or questions about the Public Health Undergraduate Internship Program contact:

Karen Elliott, CHES, PhD
Public Health Internship Coordinator

Request a Reference or Letter of Recommendation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have a question? Be sure to look through the H410 FAQ first.


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