Other Research Resources

Other Research Resources

Center for Healthy Aging Research

Intergenerational Contact Survey

More intergenerational contact is an avenue for addressing some of the most complex issues of our times, such as housing and mental health.

The Intergenerational Contact Survey provides researchers with reliable and valid measures of intergenerational contact. The two surveys and administration and scoring procedures for the surveys are available here and are free for use with notification to the research team.

Please contact Karen Hooker at [email protected] to provide notification of use.

Hooker, Shannon Jarrott (Ohio State), Shelbie Turner, and John Geldhof received funding from the Foundation for Aging to develop these resources to improve understanding of how older adults and younger adults view their connections with people in a different generation.

Download Intergenerational Contact Survey:

Power, Reliability, and Estimation Errors in Lifespan Biomarker Research

Suzanne Segerstrom, PhD, MPH
Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Kentucky

The idea of “physiometrics” – the physiological equivalent of psychometrics – seems to have been around for at least three decades. Although the validity of physiological measures is a major research topic, there has been less attention to variability, generalizability, and measure reliability across the lifespan. Inadequate measurement of biomarkers can result in erroneous conclusions. Dr. Segerstrom will present data on biomarker measurement, primarily focusing on salivary cortisol, and describe ways to both compensate for and use variability.