Research seminar: Carolyn Aldwin, PhD

Changes in Stress and Health in Later Life

November 30, 2012

In this lecture, Dr. Carolyn Aldwin, a leading researcher on stress and aging, explores how stress changes across the lifespan and how it impacts our health as we get older. Dr. Aldwin discusses different ways to measure stress, including major life events, chronic stressors, and daily hassles. She looks at how these stressors, including major life events, chronic stressors, and daily hassles, can influence our mortality rates and overall health.

The lecture also explores the concept of positive experiences that can buffer the negative effects of stress. Dr. Aldwin concludes by discussing future research directions, including how social support and physical activity can help us cope with stress and age more optimally.

Carolyn Aldwin, PhD
Professor, Human Development & Family Sciences
Center for Healthy Aging Research
School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences
College of Public Health and Human Sciences
Oregon State University.

Dr. Aldwin's research examines how psychosocial factors affect health, especially how individuals cope with stress. She also examines how personality, mental health, and physical health change across the lifespan. Dr. Aldwin is particularly interested in factors which affect the rate of aging, as well as stress-related growth.