Pilot Project Awardees


Pilot Projects

ASPIRE Children’s Environmental Health Center

2023 Pilot Project Awardees

Development Core

How do air quality communications influence healthy decisions? Translating evidence-based resources about children’s exposures to smoke-related air pollution.

Cathy Slavik, PhD
Center for Science Communication Research, University of Oregon

Generate and translate observational and experimental data to develop infographics that inform and promote risk-informed decision making among parents and educator to improve knowledge and the adoption of smoke-protective actions.

Translation Core

Junior Outdoor Food Navigators (JOFN)

Xiangyou (Sharon) Shen, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor, OSU College of Forestry

Siew Sun Wong, PhD
Professor, OSU College of Public Health and Human Sciences

Use evidence-informed practices to foster youth climate resilience and environmental health through positive outdoor food experiences.


Breaking the Silence: Helping Parents Promote Climate Literacy

Anya Kamenetz
Senior Advisor, Aspen Institute "This Is Planet Ed"

Engage parents and children in a co-design process to refine an intervention designed to begin age-appropriate climate discussions with children 5 to 17.

2022 Pilot Project Awardees

Development Core

Wildfire-Pandemic-Resilient Ventilation Control

Parichehr Salimifard, PhD
Assistant Professor, OSU School of Civil and Construction Engineering

Test the application of PM sensors along with portable air cleaners (PACs) during wildfires to develop novel ventilation control to protect children health against indoor and outdoor PM sources and infectious disease.


Protecting Early Learners from Harmful Chemicals

Dayna Swanson
Director, OSU-Cascades Little Beavs Childcare

Develop a pathway for Early Learning Centers to align with the CEHN Eco-Healthy Childcare Endorsement and OHA Choose Safe Places Initiative to protect early learners.

Translation Core

Designing a Model of PM 2.5 Interventions for Children in Ashland

Sara Jones
Community Engagement Coordinator, Ashland Forest Resiliency (Smokewise Ashland)

Develop smoke-related resources to educate providers, parents and organizations serving children, and pilot the use of air monitoring equipment in Pre-K-12th grade indoor spaces to improve indoor air quality.


Wombs and Wildfires: Centering Perinatal Equity in Wildfire Mitigation & Resilience

Emily Little, PhD
Founder and Director, Nurturely

Use scientific data and interviews from frontline workers to co-create a draft set of policy recommendations on how to prioritize perinatal equity in wildfire mitigation and resilience.