Team Members

Team Members

ASPIRE Children’s Environmental Health Center

ASP3IRE Team Members

The ASPIRE Center connects behavioral and environmental health scientists who can create new or adapt existing interventions that will address children’s environmental health at multiple levels.

ASPIRE Center team members are experienced in the fields of environmental health, health promotion, and family science.

They also have expertise operating within regulatory systems and using voluntary approaches to shape behaviors to promote children’s health.

ASPIRE Leadership Team


Translation Core

Accelerate research to practice

Through strategic dissemination and implementation research methods, the Translation Core strives to accelerate research findings and evidence-based interventions in children’s environmental health into the real world.

Development Core

Data science for precision

The Development Core uses data science to build environmental health risk assessment models and dynamic digital tools that can identify real-time trends and outcomes in children’s environmental health.

Administrative Core

Collaboration for equitable and long-lasting improvements

The Administrative Core invests in stakeholder engagement and building partnerships between academic scientists, clinicians, community gatekeepers, and decision-makers from diverse settings to identify children’s environmental health needs.