Region 2 South East (Grant, Harney & Malheur counties)

Region 2 South East

(Grant, Harney & Malheur counties)

Healthy Communities Outreach Project

“Promote Healthy Lifestyle Choices”

The primary goal of the South East Region is to help improve the health of the children and families through extended outreach and engagement. Region 2 will enhance community outreach through after afterschool programs, out-of-school programs, and family events on evenings and weekends. A common factor throughout the South East region’s outreach will be the YA4-H! Teens as Teachers program. 4-H Programs in each of the regions, will train a core group of teens to deliver a 5 hour-long lesson adapted from the Power of 3: Get Healthy with Whole Grains curriculum (University of Minnesota Extension).

Team Members

  • Harney: Shana Withee (4-H/FCH)
  • Grant: Shana Northway, Agriculture/4-H , Christal Culley, (4-H/SNAP-Ed) and Carol Waggoner, Office Coordinator
  • Malheur: Barbara Brody (FCH/4-H)
  • OSU Campus: Mary Arnold, Professor and Youth Development Specialist (4-H) and Lauren Tobey, Statewide Nutrition Education Program Coordinator (FCH)

Highlighted Partners

  • Grant School District
  • Alameda Elementary

Project Files


Barbara Brody
Faculty page

Moore Family Center Outreach Activities

A group of young girls sitting at a table with craft supplies.
  • YA4-H Teen teaching youth about whole grains with a “Bread in a Bag” activity as they learn to bake bread
  • 20 Youth Advocates for Health (YA4-H!) Teens as teachers were trained to deliver whole grain foods education using the Power of 3: “Get Healthy with Whole Grains” curricula
 Three children posing in a room with various household items and food items in the background.
  • Create afterschool and out-of-school enrichment programs
  • Youth developed a whole grain display to use with Bob’s Red Mill samples at spring health fairs
  • In March 2015, Teens helped to teach an adult cooking class based on meal planning to include more whole grain foods into daily meals