Region 1 North East (Baker, Union and Wallowa counties)

Region 1 North East

(Baker, Union and Wallowa counties)

Healthy Communities Outreach Project

“Local Foods and Healthy Living”

North East is taking a three pronged approach to improving the health and well-being of Baker, Union and Wallowa Counties. Promoting healthy eating and healthy living by expanding the Field to Fork program, increasing the availability of food preservation and baking classes, and increasing public outreach through community events.


Team Members

  • Baker: Janice Cowan (4-H)
  • Union: Carole Smith (RA), Robin Maille (FCH/NEP) and Darrin Walenta (Crops)
  • Wallowa: Deb Schreiber (4-H/FCH) and Ann Bloom (NEP)


Highlighted Partners

  • Oregon Wheat Growers League
  • Wallowa County Fair Board
  • Community Connections, Union, Baker and Wallowa Counties


Project Files



Robin Maille
Faculty Page


Moore Family Center Outreach Activities

  • Youth learned how to grind whole wheat kernels into flour and bake healthy snacks and breads at the Wallowa County Fair
  • Schedule classes to teach food preservation and baking
also a picnic
  • Host community events for greater outreach with whole grain foods tastings
  • Demonstrate Food Hero recipes made from whole grain flour at Family Appreciate Night