From Classroom to Community

Learning beyond borders in Taiwan

15 credits.
September 13 - December 15, 2023

Explore Global Health in Taiwan and through classroom and community-based learning

This 10-week course (8 weeks in Taiwan and 2 weeks pre- and post-program) allows undergraduate students to earn 15 credits toward a Minor in Global Health in one term. This program also accepts graduate students, such as students in the MPH program, to complete 12 -15 credits, including an internship.

This program offers students an opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary and community-engaged service learning to understand critical health issues from a global perspective.

In addition to classroom learning (part of a Minor in Global Health), students will earn community-based experiential learning credit focused on Global Family, Indigenous, Poverty, and Health in rural areas of Taiwan.

This program helps students develop a nuanced appreciation for the intersectionality of local and global problems related to food insecurity, nutrition and health disparity, family dynamic, social well-being, and environmental influences.

During this eight week program in Taiwan, students will engage with communities to develop culturally sensitive, locally appropriate, sustainable, and technologically innovative solutions to meet the needs of communities.

Hana Nakamura-Daya

Hana Nakamura-Daya
public health student

“The experiential learning scholarship provided by the College of Health allowed me to pursue my internship in Taiwan.

I had the chance to meet with local students, visit hospitals to learn about their modern and advanced health care system, experience traditional Chinese medicine and learn about social determinants of health that impact the elderly and the indigenous people.

Since my internship was an eight-week international program, this scholarship allowed me to afford this experience and grow my public health knowledge in a brand-new way with a global perspective.”

Program dates

The program in Taiwan is embedded within Fall Super term.

September 13 - December 15, 2023


  • H 333: Global Public Health
  • H 499/599: Special Topics
  • H 440/540: Global Nutrition
  • H 406/506 or H 410/510

Application deadline

April 1, 2023

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