Bangalore, India

Integrate classroom learning with hands-on community-based activities.

  This faculty-led program in Bangalore, India, is currently on hold for Summer 2018. For more information on the program contact Jonathan Garcia, PhD or Sunil Khanna, PhD.


This program is offered to undergraduate students pursuing a major or minor in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences or in a related discipline, who have an OSU GPA of 2.5 or greater.

See A force for good: Public health students see the world through a different lens to read about and see photos of the 2017 course. Also be sure to check out the Passport to Health blog to hear directly from students and staff about their experiences in India.


Course Titles

  • H225, Individual and Social Determinants of Health (4 cr.)
  • H333, Global Health (3 cr.)
  • H401 Research and Scholarship (2 cr.)

All students will be housed at Green Path Guest House, which is closely located to the SWASTI building where classes are held. The accommodations are safe and convenient to public transportation and offer modern conveniences.

Participants will work in close collaboration with SWASTI: Health Resource Centre in Bangalore. The College of Public Health and Human Science’s existing partnership with SWASTI will help facilitate student excursions to communities in and around Bangalore for experiential learning. It will also provide an opportunity for students to integrate classroom learning with hands-on community-based activities.