Chris Burman


chris burman

Chris Burman, MTS '20

Safety Administrator
Springfield Utility Board

Environmental and Occupational Health Program

Ask Chris about the Oregon State MPH program.

   Ask Chris

Why did you choose Oregon State University to pursue your MPH degree?

There isn't a large pool of universities in the northwest that offer a concentration in environmental and occupational health at the graduate level. Thankfully, OSU does because the town and school are fantastic for more than just education.

What was your most memorable experience in the MPH Program?

Making it through H513 and really feeling like there we were all in this together for the remainder of the program.A group of us went out on the town to have some fun, which included bringing homemade cupcakes for the birthday girl that day... We ended with bowling and copious amounts of laughter.

If you were to recommend the MPH at Oregon State to a close friend, what would you tell them?

It's a great place to grow as a human.

What advice would you give current MPH students to get the most out of their program?

Build your network. Connections are important for life long learning and resourcefulness.

How did you maintain study-work-life balance during school, and what advice do you have in this regard to current students?

The biggest factor for me was to be consistent with taking care of my health. Exercise and high quality foods go along way for the foundation of learning.

Which clubs, organizations, and/or activities would you recommend to current students?

Go play rec sports! It's a blast.

What is the best part of your current job?

Each day I interact with a wide spectrum of personalities and job functions. The constant and consistent diversity at work keeps my attention and allows me to learn the intricacies of our organization. Plus, I'm able to be in the field about 30% of the time.

What resources did you find most helpful during your job search?

Emotional intelligence; you've got to understand people and yourself if you want to communicate well.

What advice would you give current students as it relates to the job search?

Practice, practice, practice. Also, go do something outside of your comfort zone... like skydiving or sing karaoke - these will zap those nerves and boost confidence.