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Master of Adapted Physical Education

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Review of applications will begin on December 15. Applications will continue to be accepted until the cohort is full or June 1, whichever comes first.

Applicants are encouraged to submit their complete application by December 15. There are a limited number of spots available in each cohort.

Application requirements and admission criteria are available on the MAPE program admissions page.

   MAPE Admissions

Course Progression (65 credits)

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*Courses rotate terms

Summer Session 1
(13 or 17 credits)

(15 credits)

(16 credits)

(14 credits)

Summer Session 2
(3 or 7 credits)

KIN 512
Applied Motor Learning (3)

KIN 510
Middle School Internship (with IMPACT) (6)

KIN 506
Elementary School Internship (with IMPACT) (6)

KIN 510
School Internship – choice level (with IMPACT) (9)

KIN 564
Program Capstone & Synthesis (3)

*KIN 549
Physical Activity for Persons with Severe Disabilities (3)

KIN 553
Instructional Analysis Techniques I (3)

KIN 554
Instructional Analysis Techniques II (3)

KIN 557
Instructional Skills II (2)

*H 523
Foundations of Public Health (4)

KIN 551
Current Trends and Issues in Physical Education (4)

KIN 556
Instructional Skills I (3)

KIN 559
The Physical Educator as a Professional (1)

KIN 558
Administrative & Curricular Practices in PE (3)


KIN 555
Skill Analysis & Assessment in K-12 (3)

*KIN 547
Inclusion in Physical Activity (3)

*KIN 548
Assessment & Programming for Special Populations (3)





TCE 572
Foundations of ESOL/Bilingual Education (3)



Clinical Education Experiences

The Master of Adapted Physical Education degree program (MAPE) continues the long-standing use of practical education experiences. These experiential learning opportunities will allow you to develop teaching skills in the K-12 physical education setting. Practical opportunities teaching children/youth with disabilities are provided through school physical education placements and also our Individualized Movement and Physical Activity for Children Today (IMPACT) program.


Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs)

For all OSU masters students

  • Conduct research or produce some other form of creative work.
  • Demonstrate mastery of subject material.
  • Conduct scholarly or professional activities in an ethical manner.

For MAPE program students

  • Know and apply discipline-specific scientific and theoretical concepts critical to the development of physically educated individuals.
  • Plan and implement developmentally appropriate learning experiences aligned with local, state, and national standards to address the diverse needs of all students.
  • Use effective communication and pedagogical skills and strategies to enhance student engagement and learning.
  • Utilize assessments and reflection to foster student learning and inform instructional decisions.
  • Demonstrate dispositions essential to becoming effective professionals.


Tuition and Fees

The Finance and Administration’s Office of Business Affairs website contains the current information for tuition and fees associated with the cost of the Master of Adapted Physical Education degree.

The tuition and fees are listed per term, per credit, and by residency status. MAPE students should use the Graduate Base Tuition rate to calculate tuition and fees.

The Financial Aid and Scholarships apply page also contains a quick link for information on the application process for financial aid and scholarships.


Additional Program Costs

There will be costs in addition to tuition and fees for students in the MAPE major. Other costs may include, but are not limited to: Taskstream Data Access (approximately $45); edTPA Portfolio Fee (approximately $300); College of Education Licensure Fee ($100); and TSPC Licensure Fee ($100).

Transportation is needed for all off-campus internship sites. Internship experiences occur each term, and each student will travel out of Corvallis (up to 45 miles) for a minimum of one term.