Master of Adapted Physical Education

Primary faculty

Our faculty are adapted physical education/activity experts who study and practice physical education and adapted physical education/activity.

Heidi Wegis, PhD
Clinical Associate Professor
Director of MAPE program

Heidi's research focuses on assessment in physical education, mentoring student teachers, and the effects of physical activity on learning.

Jennifer Beamer, Ph.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor

Jen’s research interests and instructional expertise revolve around best practices for including people with disabilities in physical education and activity.

Sam Logan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Sam's recent research emphases the role of independent mobility in the development of language, cognition, play interactions and motor behaviors of children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, Down syndrome, and other significant physical and cognitive diagnoses.

Megan MacDonald, Ph.D.

Megan's research focuses on movement skills of children with autism spectrum disorder including how to improve motor skills for children with autism and how motor skills interact with social communication skills.

Andrew Pitchford, PhD, CAPE
Assistant Professor

Andrew's research focuses on the physical activity, physical fitness, motor behavior, and health of individuals with developmental disabilities across the lifespan.