RISC Fishing

Risk Information System for Commercial Fishing

This project uses existing datasets to estimate injury risk and risk factors in commercial fishing in the Pacific Northwest. We are developing a novel database to provide hazard assessments for commercial fishing stakeholders.

This project is funded by the UW Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center. More information about the RISC Fishing system can be found at Commercial Fishing Safety.

Linking Data for Risk Information

Commercial fishing incident data is collected by multiple organizations. This infograph shows how we merged data from four datasets to match information. This can help sharpen details of incidents for risk analyses.

RISC Fishing Findings

What have we learned from linking injury data?

Improved Trainings

The Fishermen First Aid and Safety Training (FFAST) is a first aid class that incorporate wilderness first aid and specific work tasks/situations found on commercial fishing vessels.  Training scenarios and materials are based off of collected and analyzed injury data.  See the infograph here.

Find out more about FFAST here.


Hazard Assessments

Find blank hazard sheets here.  See an example, assessing the hazards in cleaning crab pot line buoys.