Ways to apply

Ways to apply

OSU Child Development Center


Tuition pay placements for our Preschool Program are offered based on the date of the Request for Enrollment. Children who participate as 3-year-olds have priority to return as 4-year-olds. Children with special developmental needs are placed at the Child Development Center in collaboration with the Linn/Benton/Lincoln ESD Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education Program. Mid-year placements are made as space allows.

If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]

Head Start

Head Start is a tuition-free early childhood education and family support program. We provide many services for low-income families, homeless families, children in foster care and children with disabilities. Enrollment is based on criteria such as income, disabilities, family needs, employment and education.

Am I eligible for Head Start?

Classroom space permitted, you are automatically eligible if your family meets one of the following criteria:

  1. Your family receives SNAP benefits.
  2. Your family receives TANF (cash grant) or SSI-disability benefits or is homeless.
  3. Your child is in foster care.
  4. Your family’s total income for the last 12 months is not over the amount allowed under the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

In addition, some children may be accepted from families whose income is over the Federal Poverty Guidelines IF they have disabilities or other special needs. Families with extenuating circumstances may also be considered even though their income is not within Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Required Enrollment Documents for Head Start

Head Start requires you to provide certain documents so that we can verify your eligibility for the program. Please bring all documents with you; the application process cannot be completed until all documents have been received.

Date of birth

Child’s birth certificate, hospital record, passport or food stamp statement showing your child’s date of birth.


Proof of your address, such as a driver’s license, government ID or utility bill.

Custody or guardianship

If you are not the child’s biological parent: document to show you have custody or that you are the child’s authorized legal guardian.

Foster care

Child in foster care: Court order or Placement Letter from DHS-Child Welfare. Income statements are not required. 

Public Assistance (if applicable)

  • SNAP benefits: current benefit statement.
  • TANF benefits (cash grant): current benefit statement, award letter or other letter showing you receive TANF.
  • SSI: current benefit statement, award letter or other letter showing a family member receives SSI.


Family is homeless: Documents are not required; however, bring what you have with you.


Parent(s)/guardian(s) income for all jobs worked in the past year (if applicable):

  • Copy of previous year’s Tax return or W2s
  • Check stubs for last 12 months
  • Signed letter from employer(s) that includes dates of employment, hours worked per week and hourly wages (letter must have employers contact information)
  • School financial aid statements (grants, stipends, scholarships, fellowships, assistantships)
  • Unemployment statements
  • Veteran’s benefits
  • Child support statements
  • Bank statements will not be accepted


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For Location Preferences, please select: OSU Head Start Preschool Program or OSU Tuition-Pay Preschool Program