College of Health virtual tour

College of Health Virtual Tour

Explore the COH buildings via the videos below!

Virtual tours

Inside the Women’s Building at Oregon State

Ask any student, alumnus or visitor to Oregon State’s campus what the most beautiful building is at OSU and more than likely they’ll say, “The Women’s Building.” Discover more about the iconic building’s history, how its currently used and how College of Health students can get involved with the campus activities held inside.

Explore Langton Hall at Oregon State

Initially known as the men's gymnasium, Langton Hall at Oregon State University has transformed over time. Learn more about the building’s beginnings, how it is used today and the programs currently housed there.

Explore Bates Hall at Oregon State

At Bates Hall, Oregon State students learn how to change the world for the better—one person, family and community at a time. Learn more about the building’s namesake, the OSU Child Development Center and majoring in human development and family sciences.

A Look Inside the Hallie E. Ford Center

To thrive, families need a strong foundation. At the Hallie Ford Center, we’re building it. Get a look inside the building and learn more about the center’s research cores, events and infrastructure.

Explore Milam Hall at Oregon State

Discover more about the College of Health’s history with Milam Hall, one of the buildings on Oregon State’s campus. Learn more about the building’s current use and the Moore Family Center, which is housed inside.

Inside Waldo Hall at Oregon State

Waldo Hall on Oregon State University's campus is rich with history, dating all the way back to 1907. Learn more about the building’s purpose over time and how the College of Health uses it today.


What to expect and what’s next.

Whether you’ve been admitted or thinking about applying, in these info sessions you’ll learn about what it means to be a student in the College of Health.

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