Guiding Team

Guiding Team

Transforming Academia for Equity

We have assembled a diverse guiding team that represents the voices that will influence and be impacted by the TAE Initiative for the College of Health.

We are looking for three graduate students with lived experiences.

We are seeking to recruit additional graduate students with lived experience in the coming months and community partners. Please contact Erika Carrillo, project coordinator for more information. Stay tuned.

Jonathan Garcia, PhD


Jonathan is an Associate Professor and Program Director of Global Health in COH. He was hired into the 2015-16 cohort of the Provost Initiative with a focus on Latinx and LGBTQ health disparities and is a member of the College Justice, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (JEDI) Committee. As project director of the TAE initiative, he will lead the guiding team in developing a strategic plan that embeds JEDI in promotion & tenure guidelines and builds strategies to attract, retain, and advance new faculty who identify as BIPOC to our college.

Kate MacTavish, PhD


Kate is an Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Sciences and COH Director of JEDI. She leads the JEDI initiatives across the college and provides vision and oversight for advancing best practices and enacting initiatives related to JEDI. She will serve a co-project director of the TAE initiative providing leadership for all aspects of the initiative and engage with university leaders to embed the transformative work of COH within the wider institutional efforts to advance equity.

Marie Harvey, DrPH


Marie, COH Associate Dean for Research, leads the research enterprise on matters related to university and college policies, practices, and programs. She will engage university leaders in efforts to change JEDI, advance policies, and allocate resources to promote equity. She will engage with college faculty to support research and identify/implement strategies that foster positive experiences for underrepresented faculty.

Allison Myers, PhD


Allison serves as associate dean for extension and engagement, in the College of Health and OSU Extension Family and Community Health. She will engage county faculty located in all 36 counties in assessing, learning, and planning for transformation related to JEDI.

Cynthia Mojica, PhD


Cynthia is an Associate Professor in Health Promotion & Health Behavior. She was hired into the 2015-16 cohort of the Provost Initiative with a focus on Latinx cancer disparities and is a member of the college JEDI Committee. She will lead efforts to promote the JEDI initiatives across the college, especially targeting underrepresented faculty. She will work with our clinical and community partners to promote transformative efforts for JEDI.

David Rothwell, PhD


David is the Knudson Chair in Family Policy and Associate Professor in Human Development and Family Sciences. David was hired into the 2015-16 cohort of the Provost Initiative with a focus on under-resourced families and is a member of the college JEDI Committee. He will focus on the lived experiences of working class and first-generation faculty to address hidden incentive structures of academia and ensure that our JEDI efforts are both inclusive and effective.

Stephanie Grutzmacher, PhD


Stephanie is an Associate Professor of Nutrition and Global Health. She was hired into the 2015-16 cohort of the Provost Initiative and is a member of the college JEDI Committee. She will lead efforts to help transform faculty mentoring of graduate students and ensure that policies and practices support faculty success in community-engaged research.

Ashley Vaughn, MPH


Ashley is an instructor and alumna of Health Promotion and Health Behavior in the College of Health. Prior to graduate school, Ashley was a public high school science teacher in Philadelphia, Newark and Detroit. As an educator, she is guided by inclusive pedagogy and a passion for public health. Ashley has a particular interest in continuing to build community and a sense of belonging in the COH, especially among students and faculty who face barriers in access and retention in higher education. As part of the TAE initiative, she will engage and support instructors, non-tenure track faculty, and students on efforts to promote JEDI.

Erika Carrillo, MPH

Erika was born in Guatemala and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is a first-generation college graduate, doctoral student, and alumna of our college. Erika will be the TAE initiative's Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) and program coordinator. With her lived experience and working with vulnerable and marginalized communities, Erika will serve as a bridge between communities and students.

Frida Endinjok, MPH

Graduate Research Assistant

Raised in Mexico City, Frida is a first-generation PhD student in the Global Health program. Frida is passionate about working towards equitable academic outcomes for underrepresented non-traditional students from underserved communities.

Ricardo Contreras, PhD


Ricardo serves as the Interim Executive Director of Casa Latina Unidos. His career has been at the intersection of applied research, activism, and teaching around topics related to Latino/LatinX communities in the United States in communities of Mexico, and Guatemala. Ricardo was the President of the organization's Board of Directors between 2018 and 2021 and a consultant for the organization in program evaluation, grant writing, and report writing. In addition, Ricardo teaches as an adjunct professor at Oregon State University and Pacific University