Ashley Vaughn, MPH

Ashley Vaughn, MPH


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Ashley Vaughn received her Master of Public Health, Health Promotion and Health Behavior Program from Oregon State University (OSU). Prior to graduate school, Ashley spent many years as a high school science teacher. Observing the multiple intersections of place, educational outcomes, and health while teaching is what pushed her to pursue a career in public health.

In 2019, during the first year of her MPH program, Ashley received funding from the Northwest Public Health Training Center to collect data on the attitudes, beliefs, and misconceptions surrounding human papillomavirus (HPV), HPV vaccines, access and barriers to healthcare, and HPV vaccination intention among OSU students. In the summer of 2020, Ashley was selected as an Oregon Summer Fellow with the Hatfield School of Government’s Center for Public Service at Portland State University. As a fellow, she worked with the Oregon Health Authority's Office of Health Information Technology to interview Coordinated Care Organizations across Oregon on their use of specific health information platforms. Building off her fellowship experience, Ashley completed her MPH internship with HIT Commons, a shared statewide public/private governance model designed to accelerate and advance Health Information Technology adoption and use across Oregon. She went on to serve as a Communications Specialist and Data Analyst Consultant with HIT Commons. In fall 2021, Ashley joined the faculty as an Instructor in Health Promotion Health Behavior.

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