Applied Research Division

Applied Research Division

Skeletal Biology Laboratory

The Applied Division of the Skeletal Biology Laboratory focuses on the understanding of human musculoskeletal health and the evaluation of strategies to promote bone health and to reduce injurious falls.

A primary aim of the Applied Division is to developing specific resistance training programs to promote bone health, strength, and lean muscle development across the lifespan. A secondary aim is the prevention of osteoporosis-related fractures, fall prevention, and improving quality of life through exercise participation. The applied division also utilizes whole body vibration training to improved bone mass, balance, walking gait, functional strength, and decreases body fat accumulation and as a therapeutic method to reduce pain in individuals who suffer from chronic peripheral neuropathic foot pain. The Applied Division conducts clinical, educational and outreach activities.

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Laboratory techniques, equipment and space

The Applied Division of the Skeletal Biology Laboratory occupies a 2800 square foot space that houses a state-of-the-art bone densitometer to measure bone mass (Hologic QDR Discovery A) and equipment to assess fall risk. The bone densitometer accurately and precisely measures bone mass at the hip, spine and whole body as well as body composition and hip structure. Other equipment assesses physical performance variables associated with bone mass and with risk factors for falling. This equipment includes the Nottingham Power Rig, the Accusway, the GaitRite Walkway, unweighting systems, and several whole body vibration platforms.

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Other activities

Clinical Program that includes physician referrals for bone densitometry and osteoporosis education.

Better Bones & Balance™:

  • Community-Based Exercise Program | The Better Bones & Balance™ program has been copyrighted and is delivered through non-profit and private entities across Oregon as well as in Washington, California, Colorado, Idaho, and Vermont.
  • Instructor training workshop | The instructor training program is trademarked and participants completing the workshop successfully are eligible to become licensed to deliver the Better Bones & Balance™ Community Based exercise program. 

Contact: Kathy Gunter | 541-737-1405

Limited Permit Holder in Bone Densitometry | The SRL is recognized by the Oregon Board of Radiologic Technicians to conduct training for individuals seeking a Limited Permit in Bone Densitometry.