Skeletal Biology Laboratory

Publications from lab members

This is not an exhaustive list. We are still rebuilding our database of faculty publications. Visit individual faculty profiles for more extensive lists of their publications.


Beaver, L.M., Wong, C.P., Hudson, L.G., Ho, E., Branscum, A.J., Turner, R.T., Iwaniec, U.T.  (2024)  Combinatorial Effects of Zinc Deficiency and Arsenic Exposure on Bone in Growing Female Mice  Current Developments in Nutrition  8
Zhakubayev, A., Sattgast, L.H., Lewis, A.D., Grant, K.A., Turner, R.T., Iwaniec, U.T.  (2024)  Ethanol consumption in non-human primates alters plasma markers of bone turnover but not tibia architecture  Scientific reports  14(1)
Kuah, A.H., Sattgast, L.H., Grant, K.A., Gonzales, S., Khadka, R., Damrath, J.G., Allen, M.R., Burr, D.B., Wallace, J.M., Maddalozzo, G.F., Benton, M.L., Beaver, L.M., Branscum, A.J., Turner, R.T., Iwaniec, U.T.  (2024)  Six months of voluntary alcohol consumption in male cynomolgus macaques reduces intracortical bone porosity without altering mineralization or mechanical properties  Bone  
Keune, J.A., Wong, C.P., Branscum, A.J., Menn, S.A., Iwaniec, U.T., Turner, R.T.  (2024)  Bone Marrow Adipose Tissue Is Not Required for Reconstitution of the Immune System Following Irradiation in Male Mice  International Journal of Molecular Sciences  25(4)
Shin, M., Kim, D.K., Jain, M., Martens, P.J., Turner, R.T., Iwaniec, U.T., Kruzic, J.J., Gludovatz, B.  (2024)  Impact of heavy alcohol consumption on cortical bone mechanical properties in male rhesus macaques  Bone  181