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The Methylmercury Lab


For information about joining the Methylmercury Lab, please contact:

Sarah E. Rothenberg, D.Env.
Associate Professor
Oregon State University
School of Public Health and Nutrition
Environmental and Occupational Health Program
103 Milam Hall
Corvallis, Oregon, 97331, USA
Office: +1 541-737-3732
Email: Sarah E. Rothenberg, D.Env.


Our group welcomes new members, especially prospective Ph.D. students or post-docs with previous laboratory experience, and statistical skills. Please send your C.V. and inquiries to Dr. Rothenberg.

Rice Research Institutes

My lab provides total mercury analyses for a limited number of rice grain samples to rice research institutes in developing countries. We provide this service so that rice breeders will select varieties, which mitigate mercury exposure.

Please send inquiries via email Sarah E. Rothenberg, D.Env..