Parenting Education & School Readiness Partnerships



The aim of the Parenting Education and School Readiness Partnership is to provide parents, families, practitioners, and policymakers research-informed guidance on the important role that parents and families play in promoting children’s school readiness skills. We are committed to the production of parenting and policy briefs, presentations, and further research to understand how parents uniquely support young children’s school readiness skills.

Oregon is uniquely situated to investigate how parents support impact children’s school readiness given the multiple ways parenting education is supported in the state. For example, the Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative (OPEC) offers free parenting education programs across the state, and the Early Learning Kindergarten Readiness Partnership and Innovation Program is committed to engaging families locally in the Prenatal to 3rd grade alignment.


The Parenting Education & School Readiness Partnerships work group has written several parenting and policy briefs focusing on domains of child development.

In addition to an overview of the importance of parents, the parenting briefs focus on the following domains: Executive Function, Language, Literacy, Social and Emotional, Motor skills, and Math and Science, and Physical Activity.  These briefs provide research-supported activities for parents to support their child’s development of skills essential for school readiness. 

Policy briefs provide policymakers and stakeholders a targeted review of research concerning families and children and recommendations for policy. Topics include: Children with Special Needs (enrolling in Part C programs), Executive Function Skills, Language, English Language Learners.