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Support faculty

College of Health

World-leading faculty make a difference in students’ lives and furthering discovery. Support their life-changing work via an endowment.

In the College of Health, our faculty members are collaborative, creative, diverse and committed to equity, inclusion and diversity. They are teachers and researchers, providing transformational education to students informed by the work in their labs and in the field, on subjects ranging from epidemiology, biostatistics, health management and policy to nutrition, kinesiology, health promotion and health behavior, global health, human development, and environmental and occupational health.

Reaching across academic boundaries, our faculty are empowered to pursue interdisciplinary breakthroughs that improve the quality of life in Oregon and beyond and to bring those firsthand case studies back to the classroom.

Their applied work sparks a lifetime of curiosity in our students, who – like their faculty mentors – are well known for being hands-on, innovative, well-rounded and career-ready.

Endowed faculty positions are the highest honor we can bestow on our outstanding faculty members. These named positions let our faculty think big and pursue discovery without constraint. They also provide the resources for faculty to empower students with opportunities to participate in game-changing research.

Because faculty endowments have such a powerful impact on all aspects of our college, we are working to increase our number of endowed faculty positions, growing our ability to attract and retain the very best faculty while making a lasting difference on future students and research.

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