Application Deadline
February 15

For more information
see Erin Heim, Head Advisor
and/or Karen Volmar, HMP Program Director


Start graduate studies now!

If you are a current OSU HMP undergraduate student, you can apply to the Accelerated HMP graduate program now to start taking graduate classes and apply those credits to your current undergraduate degree.



You are eligible to apply for the Accelerated Graduate Program if you are working toward a BS in Public Health with the Health Management and Policy option or the Health Management and Policy minor and maintain a GPA of 3.25 or better.


How does it work?

Eligible undergraduate students apply in their junior year and begin taking graduate level courses. Up to twelve graduate credits will count toward a bachelor’s degree and transfer to a graduate program, allowing students to complete a master’s degree in less than two years after finishing your bachelor’s degree.



We have identified several courses that could be used to satisfy requirements for both the BS Public Health (Health Management and Policy option) and the MPH (Health Management and Policy option) below. 

Available courses that count towards both BS and MPH Degrees

BS Public Health Requirement

Phil444: Biomedical Ethics (4)
H457: Financial Mgmt. of Health Care Orgs. (3)
H458: Reimbursement Mechanisms (3)
H319: Introduction to Health Policy (3)

MPH Requirement

Phil544: Biomedical Ethics (4)
H557: Financial Mgmt. of Health Care Orgs. (3)
H558: Reimbursement Mechanisms (3)
H530: Health Policy Analysis (3)


How to apply

  1. Meet with HMP Program Director to discuss eligibility and proposed program of study and get code to apply
  2. Apply through the Graduate School’s Application using the code
  3. Email Suzanna Chase once you have submitted the application


Items Needed to Apply

Faculty who review your application will be looking for academic success, maturity, and demonstrated commitment to Health Management and Policy.

  1. Program of Study (plan of which graduate courses you intend to take, and when)
  2. 3 Letters of Recommendation
  3. Statement of Purpose/Objectives
  4. Résumé